What the… ?

Possibly a potato gun?



Watch the birdie!!

Owl? Nordland, Norway

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Streetview on Acid

East Rutherford, New Jersey… psychedelic, Man!

In fact, I don’t think they go with ANYTHING…

That’s gonna hurt…

Confusing traffic lights????

Actually, it appears to be a sculpture….

If you do a 180, you’ll see some spectacular weather…

You can even see them from space!

But it’s worth a close-up…


Note the large L on the hood (bonnet) of the car. That indicates a novice driver with a learner’s permit. Someone’s got some ‘plainin’ to do…

No shit… Sherlock!

I wonder where Watson is?

Birmingham, UK

Not only do we have possibly the ugliest building in Christendom (Selfridge’s in Birmingham, UK), we have this….

I feel very sorry for this girl who has to wear a silly outfit (Sexy Beefeater…). It only LOOKS like she’s saluting. She’s actually waving. Not that only having to wave is very much less embarrassing…